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Yandex Module OpenCart Sitemap

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OpenCart Module Yandex Sitemap

This simplified site map - XML-file.
For the search engines do not work with the protocol https://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-image/1.1


Unpack archive contents in a folder on your computer.

Download the contents of the folder "upload" in the directory of your Opencart installation.

In the admin panel, go to the page Home / Feeds (admin/index.php?route=extension/feed).
Install the module "Yandex Sitemap" by clicking the "Install" button in front of the module.

In the admin panel, go to the page Home / Feeds / Yandex Sitemap (admin/index.php?route=feed/yandex_sitemap).
Enable module by selecting the mode "enabled" from the dropdown menu and clicking on the "Save" button.

Data Feed Url for Yandex Sitemap:

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