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Privacy Policy


TECHNOGRADE distinguishes importance of protection of confidentiality of all information given by users of our web sites (further, "Site"), addressees of our electronic products and all our clients. Through this Internet privacy policy we want to assure users of a site that we won't sell, share, or rent the information on the user in another way, different than as it is specified in this Internet privacy policy.


TECHNOGRADE collects the information from users of a site in several various points on the Site. For example, we collect and-or we request the information when the user:

1. Places the Order
2. Registers on TECHNOGRADE the Site
3. The notice on inquiries on the order status
4. Represents e-mail

To execute inquiries of users of the Site in aforementioned copies, the user can be demanded to provide the information on a credit card and-or contact. If we experience difficulties, processing the order, inquiry, or finishing delivery, this contact information will be used TECHNOGRADE to contact the user our services.


Our web sites have functions, which automatically collect the information from users to put a content defined for interests of users and to observe their preference. This information helps us with creation of sites which will satisfy requirements of our users. We use "cookie", a part of the data storing on a hard disk of the user, containing the information on the user.

Cookie benefit the user, demanding logon only once, thus at to save time while on our site. Besides, inclusions us to trace and personalize the Site to improve our users test. If users reject cookie, they can still use our Site though we will be incapable to give to our users the personalized experience of shopping, we can offer use of cookie-given. The part of our business attaches cookie uses on our sites in announcements or advancements.

However, we don't have any access to or managements cookie these business branches; we convince users to consider the politicians of confidentiality for the information. In our internal purposes we collect date, time, browser type, history of navigation and the IP-address of all visitors of our site. This information doesn't contain anything that can identify users personally. We use this information for our magazine of audit of internal security, the analysis of a tendency and system administration, and to collect the wide demographic information on our base of users for cumulative use.

We can unite the demographic information given by the subscriber at registration with the data of use of a site to provide the general profiles, in the unit impersonally identified form, about our users and their preference in a site and distribution content. We can share this compound information with our advertisers, and business joins to help them to understand better our services.


We supervise traffic models on the Site and we collect the wide demographic information for cumulative use to analyse tendencies and to administer the Site, to improve its arrangement and the project and to resolve personification of the Site and optimizing to create the best experience of shopping, we can for our users. To analyse, resolving such personification and improvement of design of a site and the user experience, we can use the suitable third parties, with whom we share the information necessary to execute these purposes. This statistical data doesn't include personally the information on identification.

Where it is necessary we share the aggregated statistical information with our business partners. This statistical data doesn't include personally the information on identification.

We use the company of processing of a credit card, that тарифицировать buyers of the goods and services from the Site, and depending on the goods and ordered services and where they are delivered, we can use also external suppliers and-or the delivery company to help us with performance and delivery of orders. We share with them the information necessary to include to such processing of a card, performance, and delivery of the goods (that is a name, the address, and as corresponding, the information on payment).

In addition, we the partner of the entrusted third parties to provide, users of the Site with TECHNOGRADE have approved unique offers or services which can be significant for our users. In such copies we share the user name and the address with the entrusted third party to allow them to notify the user of the unique offer or service. We will never give the information on a credit card, and to you will always give possibility отписаться from any such list.

We can provide personal identification and consider the information in special cases, such as realization of our Conditions of Use of the Site, or as it is required lawful or litigation to protect and protect the rights and safety of our Site and its users. It includes the information on an exchange with other companies with a view of reduction of credit risk and swindle.

Our Site also contains references to external Sites just as to the sites co-let out under a brand which the outer side can operate, and they can have methods of confidentiality which differ from those here in TECHNOGRADE the site Co-let out under a brand - the Web site which usually operate foreign, and display that a third party name along with the name and logo TECHNOGRADE. Such sites co-let out under a brand offer approved goods TECHNOGRADE or services to our users.

When you click under references which take you on sites such external or co-let out under a brand, you will undergo to their politicians of confidentiality, and we encourage you to become familiar with politicians of confidentiality of that party as they can differ from used on our Site. Please, notice that this privacy policy is applied exclusively to the information collected TECHNOGRADE concerning our Site and while we strictly support confidentiality protection on the Internet, we can't be responsible for methods of confidentiality of other Web sites, use of the information collected by other Web sites, or a content of those other Web sites. We can share the cumulative information which isn't personally identified with others. This information can include use and the demographic data, but it won't include the personal data.


At use of our Sites the user agrees on positions and the conditions formulated in this Internet privacy policy and Conditions of use of the Site INCLUDING ALL RESTRICTIONS of CONDITIONS of LOSSES which are an integral part of it, and the user agrees on a set and use of this information TECHNOGRADE as is opened in this Internet privacy policy.

We can reconsider this Internet privacy policy or Conditions of use of the Site at any time, updating these registration. At use of this Site you agree to be connected any such versions actually in a usage time and should visit periodically therefore this page and page of Conditions of use of the Site to define the current policy of that time, applicable to users of a site.


TECHNOGRADE distinguishes special value of protection of confidentiality of affiliated elements. Consistent with the Children's On-line law on confidentiality Protection (COPPA), we will meaningly not collect the identifying personal information at affiliated elements more youngly 13. When the user does purchase on TECHNOGRADE or one of our connected web sites, the user represents to us that they are an adult.

If TECHNOGRADE learns that any affiliated element has got access to TECHNOGRADE непублично accessible web sites the account through which the affiliated element has got access, will be finished. If you believe that TECHNOGRADE has collected any information from or about any under 13, please, inform us, and we will remove the information concerning an affiliated element from our records.


We use reasonable precautions to protect the personal data of our users and to keep them reliably. The vulnerable information which is transferred us online (such as a credit card number) is ciphered and transferred us reliably. Besides, access to all information of our users, not only the vulnerable information mentioned above, is limited.

Only employees, who need the information to carry out certain task (for example, тарификационный clerk or representative on servicing) are the given access to the identifying personal information. At last, servers about which we store the identifying personal information, are kept in the safe environment.


Our web sites contain references to other sites. TECHNOGRADE it is not responsible for methods of confidentiality or a content of such other sites. We encourage our users the nobility when they leave our site and to read privacy policies of each web site to which we can incorporate which can collect identifying personal information.


That is better to serve our clients, we can send updatings which contain the important information on our sites and services. For example, we send to new elements the hospitable message, and we check the password and the user name for our sites protected by the password. We can contact also the user to render demanded services and for the problems connected with the account through e-mail, telephone or regular mail. We offer our users an option to receive the information on our company, the connected products, services and special offers.

To users of a site always give the chance ' to evasion ' uses of their on-line information with a view of, not directly connected with the Site in a point in which we ask the information or when they receive on-line demanded promoting transfer. Users of a site can personally update always the information on identification which they have given TECHNOGRADE simply, getting access and at updating of their information on the account about a site or sending by e-mail to us in info@technograde.ru.


If we change our policy of confidentiality we will send those changes on this page, thus, our users will know about we collect what information, as we use it and under which circumstances if those in general are available, we open it. Users should check up this policy often not to lag behind any changes. For questions on this privacy policy and methods of this site, contact us in:

56 Baljaeva,
Vladivostok, Russia 690087