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CS-Cart 4 Theme Free Bags Ochre

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CS-Cart 4.2.1 Theme Properties

CS-Cart Theme Free Bags Ochre is specially designed for Woman`s and Man`s Handbags. Selling Woman`s and Man`s Handbags from world famous brands: Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Miu Miu, Furla, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, Prada, Hugo Boss, Jessica Simpson. Woman`s and Man`s Handbags look beautiful in this online Store. Main slogan The best decoration of your shop is your goods." Very nice clean and professional design.

Clean, modern design

Meets modern design trend. Big headlines and images. Easy interface. Focusing on the essentials. Absence of extraneous information.
Featured Products on the main page and add special banners for effective advertising. Quick navigation by categories and brands, which can be adjusted independently.

Responsive Design

Responsive theme works on all devices - mobile, smartphones, tablets, desktops. Theme uses HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Boostrap Framework. Theme adapted for screens of different widths:

  • 1200px
  • 800px
  • 600px
  • 480px
  • 320px


Visual Layout Editor

Layout Editor allows you to view pages store any content. Content pokazyvet in blocks. Blocks can be any width X16. And arranged anywhere on the page. Page layouts

  • Default
  • Homepage
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Authorization
  • Profile
  • 8 more pages


Visual Theme Editor

That editor lets you change the appearance of the store. You can customize the colors, fonts, backgrounds conceived by design. 68 Settings

  • General - 2 settings
  • Logos - 2 settings
  • Colors - 17 settings
  • Fonts - 25 settings
  • Backgrounds - 22 settings
  • Your custom CSS

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