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Online designers of the websites work on a cloud technology of SaaS. SaaS is an abbreviation of the English Software as a Service (Programs in the form of Service). It means that along with the Designer for creation of your website. To you also the hosting is provided to for this website . That is you can create and post online your website independently. Quickly, simply and free of charge.

If service was pleasant to you. You can expand its functions by purchase of Paid packets . Thus, for the owner of the website of any risk . One of the most popular SaaS of Designers of the websites Weebly . Provides the powerful and convenient tool for creation of your website and placement it on the Internet. Weebly have free and paid packets .

Address:  http://www.weebly.com
Alexa Rank: 0,292
Price: Free, Initial - of 4$/month ., Professional - of 8$/month .
Live Site: readigo.weebly.com
As an example of the website created on Weebly it is possible to look at my website ReadiGO .


To begin to create the website on Weebly, it is necessary just to be registered http://www.weebly.com  Enter the Name, E-mail, the Password. Before input surely save all your parameters of registration in the text file.
Login. The registered users of Weebly after introduction of the of the E-mail and the Password get on the Home page of the user.

It contains tabs

  • My websites - the list of your websites, it is possible to create the new website
  • Domains - can tie the website to your domain
  • Invitations - $10 for everyone invited to the paid account
  • The account - parameters of your account
  • Support - the help, instructions, support desk.


Main and first tab my websites. Provides all main tools of the user. It is possible to Add the new website. All your available websites are located on tabs.
Are shown

  • Rate
  • Name of the website
  • Link to the website
  • The link to update the Rate
  • Editing Website button
  • Statistics button
  • Button Still

To add the Website

When clicking the Add the Website Weebly button will suggest you to to select the Template for your new website. Podgruzka Shablonov in process of scrolling. A preview Shablonov large, in 2 columns. At choice 130 Shablonov are offered to .

Templates can be filtered on style

  • Bold
  • Corporate
  • Fun
  • Large image
  • Minimalist
  • Simple
  • Sleek
  • Unique

It is possible to filter on 9 Flowers
Half of Templates Multikolor . For such Templates it is possible to select of 4 - 6 color schemes .

After the Choice of the Template it is necessary to enter the Name of the website . For example readigo. For free accounts it will be part of the address of the website. For example readigo.weebly.com  If you purchased the paid account . You can tie the website to the domain. For example of youcompany.com. Then you enter this name.

For accounting of your websites Weebly will suggest you to carry your website to the Section offered . It is necessary for accounting of the websites Weebly . You are able to do it, or to pass.

It is ready. your website Weebly is created. Now it is necessary to fill it with contents. For this purpose the editing mode serves. From Home page the user in the editor can get through a tab my websites, the blue Edit button on a tab of your website . During creation of the new website, the Editor opens automatically by the button Further .

Site editor

Has upper a blue panel the choice the mode. Side bar this mode. And the biggest, central panel .
At an input in the editor the Create mode opens at once . In the central panel pages of your website in an editing mode appear. Editing happens drag and drop the necessary element on the page. At drag and drop the element is colored in blue color, specifying the place on the page where it was inserted .

The top panel switchings of the modes consists of tabs

  • Transition to Rate
  • To create page elements
  • Design website
  • to create pages
  • Parameters website
  • Help instructions of video helpdesk
  • Desktop website
  • Mobile website
  • Orange Publish button
  • The menu (with the link Output )

Mobile website

The websites, Weebly look not only on big computers. But also on mobile devices . It is possible to look at a type as for iPhone . And for Android


In the Template selected during creation of your website only one Главная.  page is; Other pages of your website, sozdayutmya in the mode of the Page . Click the Page tab in upper blue menu of the modes .

Click the big orange button above of to Add the page and select page type.

  • Standard page
  • Page of the blog
  • External reference

Set a page name . By drag and drop by a mouse up and down, to the right and to the left, determine location and an enclosure pages. Select the page layout - without heder, with a big or small heder, the landing page with a heder, the text and the button. By default the page will appear in the menu , but you can disconnect a menu item. Additional parameters are necessary for SEO . Surely fill them.
Click on the blue Save & button ; Edit . The page will be created, saved, and the mode of its editing will open . Where it is necessary to fill the page with contents.

to Create

It is the mode of filling of the page different elements contents. That to insert an element contents it is necessary simply to drag it on the page and to edit. Only 30 elements of contents separated on types. To reach the necessary element of contents, it is necessary to click an icon , or to scroll down the engine.


  • Heading
  • Text
  • Picture + Text
  • Picture
  • Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Card
  • Contact form


  • Divider
  • Columns
  • Search field *
  • Button


  • Video HD *
  • Audio *
  • Document
  • YouTube
  • Flash
  • File


  • Goods
  • Google AdSense

It is more

  • Quotes
  • Inline code
  • Poll
  • Social links
  • RSVP Form
  • Overview
  • Mailing list
  • Orders
  • Forums

Creation of the Slideshow

In the beginning it is necessary to Add the page on which there will be our Slideshow. Above blue tab of the Page.

  • Standard страница 
  • Root level
  • Without Хедера 
  • To show in the menu of Navigation

Simple drag and drop from the section Basic above we insert an element heading the Slideshow. In the frame which replaced a blue small square an element heading the text a heading font appeared. Click here to edit. we Replace this text with the heading Templates Responsive Multicolor.

In the middle of a frame there is a small square with tochechka . It is possible to move this element up-down according to the page. On the right there is a blue small square with крестиком.  It is possible to delete this element. Simple drag and drop from the section Basic under Heading we insert the Slideshow element . Weebly will ask to select Style of a slideshow which you insert. If you were not defined, safely click any. Then at the Style settings it is possible to change easily .

After the Style choice, click (to Continue) of Continie. the loading window of Pictures your Slideshow will open. About progress by the bar and scanning on viruses. Select the prepared files on the computer. Press big the green button .

Each loaded picture of a slideshow has 3 icons for editing

  • Link
  • Signature
  • To delete

The signature can be entered at once. And for link otkryvtsya a separate window with options

  • Any of the URL website
  • Page of this website
  • The file on this website
  • Address E-mail

After the element on the page is created . It is possible to configure and edit it at any time . Guide at the necessary element. Around there will be a thin blue frame. Click in a frame . The settings window will open. A miscellaneous for different elements. The Slideshow settings window looks so.

Settings of the Slideshow

  • To load pictures
  • Style of transition
  • Navigation
  • Speed of change of pictures
  • Distances
  • Signatures
  • In addition


Weebly gives wide opportunities of Design . It is possible

  • To select the Template for сайта. 
  • To change color схему. 
  • To change Backgrounds and Fonts.

To true professionals Weebly allows to edit the HTML templates and stylesheets of CSS . And to create own styles of a design and templates of pages for the websites.


The tab Parameters contains a number of important functions for setup of your website

  • The general
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Electronic commerce
  • Mobile devices
  • Editors
  • Heading code


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Weebly Website Builder

If service was pleasant to you. You can expand its functions by purchase of Paid packets. Thus, for the owner of the website of any risk. One of the most popular SaaS of Designers of the websites Weebly. Provides the powerful and convenient tool for creation of your website and placement it on the Internet. Weebly have free and paid packets.

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