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 B 2006 Google purchased of development of the designer the websites from the company of Jotspot. Based on which popular online the designer of the websites Google Sites was made strong. In February, 2008 this service was included in a set of corporate Google applications Apps so the designer of the websites was available only to corporate customers. In May, 2008 years a Google service of Sites opened for all comers. who has an Account of Google.

Online designers of the websites work on a cloud technology of SaaS. of SaaS is an abbreviation of the English Site as a Service ( the Website in the form of Service ). It means that along with the Designer for creation of your website. Also the hosting is provided to you for this website. That is you can create and post online your website independently. Without the services Web of Studio. Quickly, simply and free of charge.

Address:  of https://sites.google.com
of Alexa Rank : 0,001 (Google.com)
of Price: Free
of Live Site:  https://sites.google.com/site/technograderu
For an example creation and editing the website is considered on my website Technorade


the Designer of Google Sites is one of numerous Google services. Who does not know Google+, Google Analytics, Google AdWords. Therefore to create the website on the designer of Google Sites, it is necessary to be registered and to receive the Account of Google.
Link to Google Sites. of sites.google.com

Be registered, and log in the Account of Google.
In the section Account there is a subsection Products. Products find a blue icon in subsection the Websites

to Create the Website

At a clique on an icon will open the window the Websites with the red Create button
Think up and enter a name (it important, then you will not correct). Select the Template (it unimportantly, then it is possible to change) Create the Website.

Editing website

In an editing mode 4 buttons of Change appear at the upper right occur directly on the live website. It is convenient. The website always before eyes. All changes it is visible at once. It is not necessary to open in addition a viewport of changes.

  • To change the page (the icon a pencil)
  • To create the page (the icon a leaf +)
  • Additional actions (text still)
  • To open access (blue with a text)

Of the mode Editing Website when clicking the button Still (additional actions) has the menu where there is a link Management of the Website in the section of Action on the website.
From the mode Management of the Website can get to the Editing Website mode clicking above the link Website Name.

to Create the page

When clicking at the upper right the Create the Page button (the icon a leaf +) the Creation of the New Page window will appear.

Keep the name. If it is necessary, select a template. By default - the normal Web page. Select location. There will be it the parent, root page. Or the subpage relating to the parent page. When all filled, press the red Create button . After creation of the Page on the website the Change the Page editor will at once be loaded by

to Change the page

The page can be changed at once after creation. Or when it is necessary, when Editing the website. For this purpose it is necessary to click at the upper right to Change the page (the icon a pencil)

Above horizontal formatting toolbar of the page. It is possible to change page heading in a top margin. It is possible just to write the text in the main field. It is possible to add files (it allows the model the Web page). At the upper right there were Save and Cancelling buttons for confirmation of the made changes.

Menu of changes

  • To insert
  • Format
  • Table
  • Model

to Insert

Allows to insert a huge number of different content types on the page. Gadgets it is third-party applications. It is possible to insert Google applications.

Often used

  • Image
  • Link
  • Table of contents
  • List of subpages
  • Gorizontaltny line
  • Button +1


  • Last messages
  • The last updated files
  • Last elements of the list
  • Text box
  • HTML field
  • Additional gadgets


  • AdSense
  • Apps Script gadget
  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • Document
  • Drawing
  • Folder
  • Group
  • Card
  • Photo Picassa
  • Picassa Web slideshow
  • Presentation
  • Table
  • Tabular form
  • Video


The Panel duplicates an upper horizontal formatting toolbar

  • To delete formatting
  • Heading
  • Subtitle
  • Literal text of the paragraph
  • Crossed out
  • Diacritical mark
  • Subscript sign
  • Code
  • Quote code
  • To align to the left
  • To align to the center
  • To align to the right


Allows to work with tables.

  • To insert the table
  • To insert a line above
  • To insert a line below
  • To insert a column at the left
  • To insert a column on the right
  • To delete the table
  • To delete a line
  • to delete a column


Allows to select the page layout.

  • One column (simple)
  • Two columns (simple)

Three columns (simple)

  • One column
  • Two columns
  • Three columns
  • Left side bar
  • Right side bar
  • Left and right side bars

The model of pages differs from the model of all website. The link Change of the Model of the Website is available in the menu Additional actions (the button Still) when Editing the website. It is possible to include or switch off and configure website model elements. And also to set website width

  • Heading
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Side bar
  • User page footer

That to configure an element , in the mode of change of the model of the website. Guide at the necessary element . It will be illuminated by is pale фиолетовым.  Click on the necessary element. Emerging the settings window will open . For each element the. In of a horizontal navigation bar during creation parent pages are shown only root . To show a drop-down menu with child subpages. Is necessary

  • To show these subpages
  • Up-down to locate Strelochka them under the root, parent page
  • Strelochka to make them child subpages to the right-to the left

setup of a background and fonts drop-down menu. In the section Management of the Website - of the Subject, color, fonts.

to Insert the image

Click the following. Change the Page button (icon pencil) Insert Menu. Link Image. The Adding of the Image window will open. Load the image file from your computer. Or select the image from already loaded. Press the OK button.
The image will appear on your page.

Setup of an element

To change the inserted element. It is necessary to visit the page where there is this element at first. Then to click to Change the page (the icon a pencil). At a clique on the necessary element (at change it represents a gray square with heading). In the bottom of an element the small menu of settings will appear.

It is possible to Center an element on the page. To set an element flow the text. It is possible to delete an element. A castor the gear opens an element settings window

Other settings of a gadget were set at its insert (in an example it is a gadget of Ecwid online store) by
In this window the gadget sizes on the page, its heading, everything that is necessary for editing the page are configured.

Management of the website

It is the page in the Account of Google with sections

  • The last actions on the website
  • Pages
  • Applications
  • Templates of pages
  • Scripts of Services Google
  • Remote elements
  • The general
  • General access and permissions
  • AdSense
  • Web address
  • Colors and fonts
  • Subjects


Of the mode Editing Website when clicking the button Still (additional actions) has the menu where there is a link Management of the Website in the section of Action on the website
Pages this live (edited) tree of pages. It is possible to move the page to any step of hierarchy.


It is a menezhder of materials. That is it is possible to load, delete, look, download. The materials used on the website all by media

Templates of pages

There are Standard templates and Templates created by the user.

Standard templates

  • Declarations - the Mini-blog with declarations
  • A file manager - Storage location of files
  • The list - Creation of lists for tracking of different information
  • The web page (by default) - the Standard web page

The user himself can create any templates necessary to it for the website. And during creation of pages to use them, but not standard. It is much more effective.

Web address

The website can be tied to your personal domain (for example, of www.example.com ). For this purpose at first confirm that you are the owner of the domain.

Colours and fonts

In total about 50 settings of fonts and flowers. It is a lot of. And it is quite enough well to configure Colours and Fonts.

  • All page - 6 settings
  • Website heading - 5 settings
  • Area of contents - 9 settings
  • Gadgets of area of contents - 10 settings
  • Gadgets of a side bar - 10 settings
  • A navigation gadget - 2 settings
  • Horizontal navigation - 7 settings
  • A pop-up menu of horizontal navigation - 2 settings

design Subjects

The designer offers 52 Templates at choice. In addition each template can be configured in the section of Colour and fonts. Color, Font, Heder, Footer, Background. Who is able to configure all this, selects a template first according to the list. Who is not able, selects pleasant.
Besides. Any user can publish the, made on Google by Konstuktore website, as the Template. And to share a design with community. Published - popularity. To users - the choice. There is a lot of templates. Podgruzka in process of a prokutka.

Sections of Subjects

  • Popular
  • Business cooperation
  • Events and actions
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Personal and family
  • State and non-commercial

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