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CS-Cart Theme Installation

For CS-Cart 2.X.X and 3.X.X

Themes allow us to differentiate our store design.
Some Themes can also add new functionalities. CS-Cart has a very active developer and contributor community, which regularly releases new Themes. Here are some of the sources to find CS-Cart Themes according to the CS-Cart version number which we use.

Before template installation,
CS-Cart software must be Install to a web server. Be sure that you backup your files before applying any Themes and choose the right version. CS-Cart use termin `skin` for Themes.

In this section, we will learn how to upload an CS-Cart Theme and activate it.

Extracting archive
contents in a folder on your computer, for example folder name 'newtemplate'. Note that it shows the very basic Theme installation. Some complicated Themes need to make changes on main store codes as well. These changes are generally explained step by step in a readme file in the Theme package.

1. Upload zip-arhive file
(example cs000001.zip) withing 'newtemplate/teplatename/upload' (*) folder to your CS-Cart store folder to a web server. In our screenshot CS-Cart store folder name is `_cscart`. The following screenshot shows that we have uploaded a Theme zip file to CS-Cart store folder to a web server. We should Extract it to this folder.

Let's just click on the Extract File(s) button.

2.  Enable the Theme to the administration panel.
Open 'Design'/'Skin selector' page the administration panel. Choose the necessary skin for the customer area in the 'Skin for customer area' select box.  The skin preview image is displayed below. Click on 'Save' button. The following screenshot shows that we Enable the Theme to the administration panel

If the selected skin wasn't loaded before,
it will be copied from the directory of /var/skin_repository/ and the process will be viewed on the screen. The Theme location of the selected skin is represented in the 'Templates directory' field. The following screenshot shows the process page the Theme location of the selected skin.

The following screenshot shows the main page after a new Theme was applied.  Notice that there are only a few cosmetic changes to the design of the store.

3.  Change Logo image to the administration panel.
Open 'Design'/'Logos' page the administration panel. Change Logos click one from buttons Local  |  Server  |  URL. Click 'Save' button.            
The following screenshot shows that we change Logo for customer area to the administration panel (click button Local). New Logo place on Local computer in our example.

4.  Active the Add-ons - 'Banners: Slideshow Nivo'.
Open file /addons/banners/schemas/block_manager/structure.post.php to your CS-Cart folder to a web server.
[php]'addons/banners/blocks/original.tpl' ,    

Open 'Administration'/'Add-ons' page to the administration panel.
Install and Active the Add-ons - 'Banners: Slideshow Nivo'.

The following screenshot shows that we Install and Active Add-ons - 'Banners: Slideshow Nivo' to the administration panel.

Clear your site cache.

5. Necessary to make the new Appearance type: _nivo_slider_slideshow to page 'Design'/'Blocks'.
Open 'Design'/'Blocks' page to the administration panel.
Insert new block clicked on button 'Add Block'.
And choose items from selected boxs on float window as on our screenshot below.

The following screenshot shows that we Insert new block with new Appearance type: 'slideshow_nivo.tpl'.

-The Slideshow Nivo scales to the largest banner graphic you've selected.
-The slide text box text is the Banner Alternative text.
-The slide link is the Banner URL.
-You can create only 1 Slideshow Nivo per page. Multiple Slideshow Nivos conflict and break.
-Slideshow Nivo duration is determined by the settings found in /skins/teplatename/customer/addons/banners_slideshow_nivo/hooks/index/scripts.post.tpl and /skins/teplatename/customer/addons/banners_slideshow_nivo/blocks/slideshow_nivo.tpl

What just happened?
We have just finished uploading and activating a new Theme.

We should not forget to backup our files beforehand if any code changes are required for templates in store codes.
A folder name 'teplatename' is Theme`s Model, example 'cs000001'.


  Theme Support


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