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Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress


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 Templates  52 244  45  130  480  200
 Site news    No  No  No  Yes  Yes
 Support    Yes  Nonfree  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Comments Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
 Domains Yes  Nonfree  Nonfree  Yes  Nonfree  Nonfree
 HTML code Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Tables Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No  No
 File catalog    No  Yes  No  Yes  Partially
 Widgets    No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Disk space 100 MB  500 MB  40 MB  Unlimited  2 500 MB  Unlimited
 E-mail    Nonfree  Nonfree  No  Nonfree  Nonfree
 Tests    No  No  No  No  No
 Forum    No  Yes  Виджет  Yes  Yes
 Password protection    1 Страница  Yes  Nonfree  Yes  Yes
 FAQ    No  No  No  Yes  Yes
 RSS import    No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Max upload file    5 MB  40 MB  5 MB  15 MB  50 MB
 Article catalog    No  No  No  No  Yes
 Photo albums    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Partially
 Guestbook    Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No
 Meta tags    Nonfree  Yes  Yes  Yes  Partially
 FTP    No  Nonfree  No  No  No
 Polls    No  No  Widget  Yes  Widget
 Builder Ads  No  Banners  Banners  No  Banners  No
 Number of pages Unlimited  Unlimited  8  Unlimited  Unlimited  40
 E-mail forms    No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Site map Yes  Yes  No  Yes  Yes Yes
 E-commerce Shop No  5 Products  5 Products  Yes  Nonfree Nonfree
 Custom logo  Yes  Nonfree  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
 Template editor  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Partially
 HTML CSS Templates    Yes  No  Yes  No Nonfree
 Site search Yes  No  No  Nonfree  No Google
 Open ID    Yes  No  No  No Yes
 Blog    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
 User management    No  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
 Websites per account Unlimited  1  1  2  Unlimited Unlimited
 User Ad    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Nonfree
 Online games    No  No  Yes  No No
 Gadgets Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes Yes
 Bandwidth    Unlimited  100 MB  Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
 Mobile Site    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
 Site catalog    No  No  No  Yes Yes
 Chat    No  No  No  Yes No
 Statistic    Nonfree  Yes  Nonfree  Yes  Yes
 Portfolio    No  No  No  Yes No
 Backups    No  No  Yes  Yes No
 PHP    No  No  No  No No
 RSS    Yes  Yes  Yes  No Yes
 HTML5    Yes  No  No  Yes  No





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Merchium Shopping Cart

Merchium Shopping Cart

Merchium Hosted Shopping Cart арендная программа для создания собственного интернет-магазина. Разработчик - компания Simbirsk Technology город Ульяновск, Россия. Являются разработчиками CS-Cart - популярной программы, на которой работает более 30 000 интернет-магазинов.
Weebly Website Builder

Weebly Website Builder

If service was pleasant to you. You can expand its functions by purchase of Paid packets. Thus, for the owner of the website of any risk. One of the most popular SaaS of Designers of the websites Weebly. Provides the powerful and convenient tool for creation of your website and placement it on the Internet. Weebly have free and paid packets.

Merchium Theme Installation

Merchium Theme Installation

How to install the theme on the online store made ​​on Merchium Saas. Guide to help owners of Internet Stores Merchium
CS-Cart Shopping Cart

CS-Cart Shopping Cart

Complete ready-to-use web store package Web-based installation wizard & store configuration 100% Open source code Intuitive administration panel Built-in professional design templates Bulk uploading of categories, products and images Full import and export of product/user/order/language databases in CSV format No programming knowledge required for installation and setting up Free 30-day technical support or 40 credits
CS-Cart Content Installation

CS-Cart Content Installation

If at you it is already established CS-Cart software with your content, Before installation of our DEMO CONTENT necessarily SAVE The data. CS-Cart use termin `skin` for template. - Save your Database: Enter into administration panel and go to 'Administration' - 'Database / Backup'. Click button 'Backup' for save Database dump on your computer.
Ecwid + Wix, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Google Sites

Ecwid + Wix, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Google Sites

The Ecwid online store works on the SaaS technology. Software as a Service - programs as service. All your goods with the description, images attached by files. Are stored in the north of Ecwid. Ecwid gives access to your control panel. For management of your shop. Access is password-protected by yours.