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Comparison CS-Cart, OpenCart, Ecwid

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 Free Licence Partially Yes 10 Products
 Ajax Usage Yes Yes Yes
 Change Template Yes Yes Yes
 Multi Store Yes Yes No
 Multi Vendor Yes No No
 API Yes No Yes
 CAPTCHA Yes  Yes  Yes
 Log Yes  No  No
 Site CMS Yes  Partially No
 Affiliates Yes  Yes No
 Setting Color Yes No No
 Setting Layout Yes Partially No
 SaaS No No  Yes
 Engine Template Yes No  No
 Subscribe Yes  Yes  Yes
 Filters Yes Yes No
 Options Yes Yes Yes
 Taxation Yes  Yes Yes
 Testimonials Yes No No
 Polls Yes Yes  No
 Featured Products Yes Yes Yes
 Image Gallery Yes Yes Yes
 Mini Cart Yes Yes No
 Last view Yes No No
 Site news Yes No No
 Next Previous Yes No Yes
 Rating Yes Yes No
 Compare Yes Yes No
 Search Yes Yes Yes
 Site Map Yes Yes No
 Wish List  Yes Yes No
 Tell Friend Yes  Yes  Yes
 Gift Vouchers  Yes No No
 Coupons Yes Yes No
 Membership  Yes  Yes No
 Discount  Yes  Yes Yes
 Revard Points  Yes Yes No
 Import Export  Yes No Yes
 Statistics Yes Yes  No
 Stock Control Yes Yes  No
 WYSIVIG Editor Yes Yes Yes
 Meta tags  Yes Yes  No
 RSS Feeds  Yes Yes No
 Site Map XML  Yes  Yes No
 SEO URLs  Yes  Yes No
 Payment Yes  Yes  Yes
 Delivery  Yes  Yes Yes




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CS-Cart Theme Installation

CS-Cart Theme Installation

Themes allow us to differentiate our store design. Some Themes can also add new functionalities. CS-Cart has a very active developer and contributor community, which regularly releases new Themes. Here are some of the sources to find CS-Cart Themes according to the CS- Cart version number which we use. Before Themes installation, CS-Cart software must be Install to a web server.
Comparison Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress

Comparison Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress

Comparison Online Site Builders Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress
Hand Made or Websites conveyor

Hand Made or Websites conveyor

Very long time ago. In the sixties last century. When in our huge country there came Khruschev's thaw. And computers mentioned only in fantastic novels.
In those days people did not buy clothes. The clothes were SEWED TO ORDER. In Studio, at the Tailor. Dresses, Coat, Jackets, Trousers. Then the tailor was a significant figure. He created Beauty, Comfort, and Warmly. In sewing hierarchy there were Masters and journeymen. The cutter is a Master. Being behind imperceptible appearance of the baldish grandfather with a harakta

Merchium Theme Installation

Merchium Theme Installation

How to install the theme on the online store made ​​on Merchium Saas. Guide to help owners of Internet Stores Merchium
Webs Website Builder

Webs Website Builder

Very long time ago, in 2001, three creators of the popular designer of the websites Webs asked themselves a question. If now all can create own E-mail absolutely free of charge. That why not to give the chance to users to create the own website? Without expensive services of the programmer. Independently, quickly and simply. And if the website begins to pay off and bring benefit. That can and be expanded its functionality, having paid for its lease.

Highwire Shopping Cart

Highwire Shopping Cart

Hosted Shopping Cart works on a cloud technology of SaaS. SaaS is an abbreviation of the English Software as a Service (The program in the form of Service). It means that along with Shopping Cart Software (The program of online store) also the hosting is provided to you for your shop. That is you can create and post online your shop independently. Quicker, and Litsenzed is simpler.